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New Year New Moves: Ten Ways to Improve Brand Presencia in 2023.

Is it even a new year if you don’t make a long list of resolutions (and break some of them)? 2023 is just round the corner (if you can believe it) and we thought it was the perfect time to come up with a list of our own that didn’t involve green smoothies and gym memberships. This one’s for all the amazing businesses out there that have the potential to take on the world – if only they make up their mind (and approve that marketing budget). So without further ado, here are ten resolutions you can make to elevate your business in 2023.

#1 “I shall stop thinking.”

Can this headline get any more clickbait-y? But seriously… if we had a penny for each time someone said they’re “thinking about a website” or “thinking about social media,” we’d be on a beach sipping tropical drinks for the rest of our life. Let 2023 be the year you stop thinking, and make your move. Don’t listen to us – we’re only a creative agency that specializes in brand development and content creation. Listen to the shoe. Just do it. ✔

#2 “I shall let go of the old.”

Speaking of moves…new years are also about letting go of old (read: prehistoric) things. A website is one of the most important marketing assets for your brand, and therefore the best investment you can make for your business. If you’re still holding on to your circa 2015 site with stock photos of overly cheerful people, now’s a great time to ditch it for a modern, 2023esque one. Let's Marie Kondo the subpages out of your site and eliminate things that don’t spark joy (or make sense strategically). It’s time for a makeover.

#3 “I shall be open to trying new things.”

A lot of great ideas don’t see the light of the day because someone thought they’re “too much” or “too out there.” Over the years, we’ve met many businesses that wrestle with the desire to stand out and the inclination to play it safe. As a creative agency, here’s what we can tell you: a conservative mindset is a sure shot way of getting lost in the clutter. In 2023, resolve to turn your whys to why nots. To quote Coldplay, “if you never try, you’ll never know.”

#4 “I shall not be late to a party.”

We Latinos are infamous for arriving late to parties. While you’re working hard on growing your business, your competitors are already leveraging all the latest social and digital strategies to take their brands to the next level. It’s time to change that. This year, commit to arriving on (or before) time to the metaphorical marketing party. And don’t spend too much time wondering if you have the right outfit. That’s what we are here for!

#5 “I shall ask for help when I need it.”

You don’t have to wear all the hats (not unless you look dapper in every one of them). The one thing we wish we knew while starting out was that we didn’t need to do it all on our own. We love the hustle but building a team we can count on is definitely the smarter move. It has allowed us to focus time and energy on what we are good at (and not spend seven hours writing a social post). Highly recommend it.

#6 “I shall not put a filter on professionally-shot photographs.”

This doesn’t need to be a new year resolution, but it is a pet peeve of ours and so we’re going to go ahead and plug it in (ten resolutions is too much anyway!). A professionally-shot and edited creative asset is produced with your brand’s look and feel in mind. A lot of thought and time is put into perfecting it. Using an Instagram filter compromises its quality and ability to maintain brand cohesiveness. Personally, we endorse a wide range of aesthetics — from artistic retro vibes to goofy dog ears. But as brand people, we condemn this act of violence against our photographs.

#7 “I shall not go MIA from social media.”

When it comes to social, consistency is key. Don’t be that cousin in the family chat that wishes people on Christmas and disappears for the rest of the year. At Headturn, we use a social media planner app to organize and schedule content for our clients. This allows us to be intentional and strategic with every post and its outcome (brand awareness, engagement, etc.) and show up regularly on the audience's feed. It’s also a great way to make sure that we don’t miss important days and are prepared with timely content. On that note, did you know that there’s a National Potato Chip Day?

#8 “I shall celebrate the highs and learn from the lows.”

When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back for a job well done? As minority business owners, we often take our wins for granted and hyperfocus on things that didn’t go as planned. This is not only terrible for morale, it’s a huge waste of time. Instead, get together with your team to acknowledge both – the good and bad days (even better if acknowledged with everyone’s favorite takeout). Think of every setback as an opportunity to reflect, recalibrate and make better moves.

#9 “I shall think of the big picture.”

Scratch that. “I shall think of the biggest picture.” While you focus on the little details that keep your business running smoothly, it’s important not to lose sight of where you’re headed. As part of the branding process, we encourage clients to think about their vision for the future, the impact they want to create and the legacy they want to build. Use these questions as ‘check-ins’ in 2023 to guide your moves. Also remember to ask yourself the most important question – “Am I having fun?” Actually, ‘fun’ needs to be its own resolution.

#10 “I shall not forget to have fun.”

Last, but not the least – make sure you take regular breaks from the hustle. Put “fun” on your calendar if you have to. There will always be an email to send, a phone call to make, or a meeting to attend. Learning when to hit pause is key to avoiding burnouts. In 2023, ASAP is ‘As Steady As Possible’ (you heard it here first) and anyone who tells you otherwise can take their negative energy elsewhere by EOD.

We hope you’re inspired by these resolutions and ready to make your move in 2023. Which one of these resonate with your goals for the year? Let us know in the comments. Headturn wishes you a very happy new year! Cheers to a “brand” new beginning (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Headturn Creative is a 100% minority-owned creative agency that aspires to turn the spotlight on Latino-owned businesses and the amazing work they do. We empower businesses to represent themselves authentically and take up space – online and everywhere.

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