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We are your Dual-Cultural
Marketing© partner.

We’re Headturn — a Chicago-based creative agency that specializes in dual-cultural marketing for a dynamic new world. By integrating cultural insights, perspective and purpose – we boldly navigate the dual-cultural market, bridging cultures through soulfully-crafted stories. 


Helping businesses authentically engage bicultural consumers.

The number of Latinos who identified as multiracial increased from 3 million in 2010 to more than 20 million in 2020 (US Census Bureau). To stay relevant, brands must go beyond translation and surface-level representation. We keep our finger on the pulse of culture, to craft stories that reflect the experiences of this fast-growing demographic. 


Empowering Latino businesses to share their stories with the world.  


Latino-owned businesses have become the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. small business ecosystem with a 44% growth in the number of businesses in the last 10 years compared to just 4% for non-Latinos (State of Latino Entrepreneurship Report, 2021). And yet — our names remain unknown. Our stories, untold.

With culturally-resonant storytelling, we empower you to show up authentically

— As Dual-Cultural Latinos. 

       For Dual-Cultural Latinos. 

– Dual-Cultural Marketing:  Our approach


Start with cultural sensitivity

We recognize the diversity within dual cultural consumer segments and explore their experiences with sensitivity. Through extensive cultural research, we deepen our understanding of the values, behaviors and preferences of diverse groups.

Tailor communication for meaningful engagement

Next, we use cultural insights to tailor messages that resonate with dual-cultural consumers — while adding fresh perspectives to the mainstream.

Expand reach within the Dual-Cultural market

Our customized Dual-Cultural Marketing strategy helps you connect with this lucrative consumer segment where they are, and expand your reach across social and digital channels.

Dual Cultural Couple
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