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The world’s ready for different perspectives. Are you?

We are a narrative-driven, video production agency founded by two friends and ex-Admen with a healthy discontent for the mainstream. Fueled by a passion for storytelling and a love for brands, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start Headturn. Our name embodies our mission: craft narratives that make people stop and take notice.


We had the expertise. We’d lived and breathed brands for 15 years. All we needed was a little bit of luck and a whole lot of hustle. When Headturn opened its doors in 2020, the world was just shutting down for business. The timing was perfect; if there was a time to make an impact – it was now.

The world was ready for a different kind of storyteller.


And so we challenged ourselves to do better by building brands that are resilient, relevant and most importantly — tell good stories that solve real problems. Today, that vision has become part of the very fabric of our agency. We’re more driven than ever to create content that doesn't just change how you look, but shifts perceptions of who you are.

We are designers, editors, photographers, videographers and writers. We’re also Mexican, Puerto Rican and Indian. As multicultural storytellers, our diverse perspectives enable us to produce work that’s fresh, nuanced and thoughtful. Together, we leverage the power of the narrative to help our partners get noticed.  


From script development — to video production, explore all the different ways we can help tell your story.


Meet the team.


Johnny Tijerina

Partner I Chief Creative Officer


“By providing minority businesses the creative tools and solutions to represent themselves authentically, we ensure they have the same opportunities as others to succeed.”


When they say “Everything is bigger in Texas” they are definitely referring to the ideas that come out of Johnny’s head. Originally from Texas, Johnny learned his craft at the University of North Texas, and honed it over 15 years – spearheading campaigns for big name B2B and B2C brands, and nonprofit organizations. As Chief Creative Officer at Headturn, he drives the A-to-Z of brand development — crafting brand experiences that are nuanced, strategic and absolutely delightful.


Jose Torres

Partner I Chief Content Creator


“We want to help our minority partners overcome their limitations and build brands that are a celebration of their work, heritage and journeys.”


Born and raised in the central mountains of Puerto Rico, Jose had a childhood filled with colors. In 1995, at the age of 11, his family relocated to the vibrant Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. It was here that he learned to blend colors, architecture and culture to form his unique perspective. As Chief Content Creator, Jose draws inspiration from his diverse roots to craft visual stories for our clients in ways they never imagined. 



Sash Sridhar 



“I love telling stories that turn the spotlight on Latino businesses and the amazing work they do.”

Originally from India, Sash traveled 8,242 miles to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising at DePaul University, Chicago. Since the move, she’s written about: hot dogs, cold brews, spin classes, the Maasai tribe of Africa, Covid-19, microfiber mops and more. Sash’s passion for words enables her to tell complex stories in simple, taut copy and bring genuine excitement to every brand – mops included. Her international experience gives her an ability to look at things from a fresh perspective and provide alternative insights to deepen the strategy and creative work.



Benny Densmore 


“I am most inspired to create visual content that connects people and infuses warmth and understanding into the world.”

From the vibrant colors and textures of food — to the captive voices in correctional facilities, Benny sees stories every direction he points his lens. His passion for the visual medium was sparked by the oddities and beauty of the people and places around him, which opened up entirely new worlds beyond his hometown of Bolingbrook, IL. Inspired by cultures different from his own, Benny continues to nurture a diverse perspective that lends an endearing human quality to his work.


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